Monday, 17 January 2011

Woodworm Treatment

The product used is based on the insecticide Permethrin, which is one of the new generation of synthetic pyrethroids which are light stable cleared by use under HSS Regulators. Permethrin is active against a range of wood boring insects and marine crustaceans. For remedial and preventive treatments, Permethrin will meet the insecticidal requirements for wood preservatives. This insecticide has been developed for an ever increasing need for safer materials for special situations, ie.. Hospitals, old peoples homes, food stores.


Characteristics of Permethrin which are particularly valuable in public health and hygiene are:

1. Low acute and chronic toxicity to mammals and birds (very hazardous to aquatic life).

2. Pleasant to use. Virtually odourless. Non-tainting. Non-staining. Non-irritant.

3. Low fire risk.

Treatment Specification

Avoid contamination of the environment.


Lift sufficient floor boards to expose joists, joists ends and wall plates. Where the sub-floor void is of sufficient size treatment may be applied from below without  removal of boards.

Expose and clean joists, joist ends, and wall plates.

Carry out repairs specified in our report (if any). Where new timber is to be reinstated ensure that it is treated with a suitable preservative.  Reinstatement of sound old wood should be treated by a minimum of a thorough surface spray but preferably by steeping in the appropriate preservative. Any cut ends of reworked wood should be liberally treated with preservative prior to refixing.

Apply preservative. Treat all exposed/infested/vulnerable timbers thoroughly including floorboards.
Refix floorboards and any other necessary timbers.

Roof Voids

Ensure that water tanks are covered. Remove insulation from areas to be treated. If necessary life sufficient boards to expose joists, joist ends and wall plates. Expose and clean down joists, joist ends and wall plates. Treat as above.


Remove any lining, if possible from the under surfaces to obtain access to stair risers, or drill holes in risers ready for insertion of backspray nozzle. Treat as above.

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